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38 Vladimir Bartol ALAMUTas long as she could remember had dreamt of far-off lands and longed for miraculous adventures.“It’s fine,” she told herself and tried to go to sleep.Just then someone touched her lightly. Before she had a chance to scream, she heard Sara’s voice speaking right into her ear.“Stay completely quiet, Halima, so that Zainab doesn’t wake up.” She climbed under the blanket and snuggled up against her.“I told you I don’t want this,” Halima said just as quietly. But Sarashowered her with kisses and she felt powerless.Finally she managed to break free. Sara started to coax her and whis-per lovesick words in her ear. Halima turned her back, stuck her fingers in her ears, and fell asleep instantly.Sara was unsure what was happening with her. Feeling disoriented, she returned to her bed and climbed in.

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