Page 19 - Vladimir Bartol catalogue, 2019
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19Where to apply for translation and publication grants:• JAK / Slovenian Book Agency:Translation grants for publication of works by Slovenian authors in foreign• Trubar Foundation:Grants for printing costs (up to 50 %) programi/1696/detail.html http://www.culturalpro• EU Culture Programme / Literary Translation ProjectsGrants for translations of works of  ction from one European language into another European language en.php• CEEBP / Fund for Central and East European Book Projects Grants for translation and publication of high quality literary and scholarly books into the languages of Central and Eastern Europe• TRADUKITranslation programme for  ction, the humanities as well as books for children and young people, which involves Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland. is catalogue has been published with the support of the Slovenian Book Agency.Produced by Sanje Publishing.Translated by Michael Biggins (Alamut, Al Araf ), Alenka Ropret, Petra Kavčič and others.Design concept: Boštjan Pavletič October 2019

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