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3Book Night in 7501 languages of the world When, why, how?☆ It takes place on World Book Day each year (23rd of April);☆ is an international event which supports and celebratesbooks across the globe as the foundation of a healthy andsuccessful society;☆ connects all generations of readers, from the youngest tothe oldest;☆ addresses the professional, business and general public;☆ speaks to everyone working in the area of books andreading, as well as connects them with the readers;☆ is a non- & trans-commercial, open code project basedon the principles of knowledge, creativity, innovation andsovereignty;☆ respects every culture in the world and encourages artfulexpression in di erent languages;☆ encourages reading, literacy and value of imagination insociety.☆ Vision: a worldwide project that connects and empowerscultures and languages across the globe.☆ Join in by organizing your own book-related event orparticipate as a visitor! e honorary patron of the project is the UNESCO. Open your magical eyes.Do you wish to have your own Book Night?Organise one!Email us your event and we will promote it together! booknight.netIt's only at night you realise how many stars there are in the sky.

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