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7“ ... in 20 years it will still be in print and will be much more widely known than today.  is book will be relevant for many, many years regardless of the political situation.”“It is a hauntingly eloquent work that combines poetry and prose in perfect harmony without being heavy handed or prolix. Enrapt by the story,I was transported by the language. Alamut was easily one of the most beautifully written and articulately translated books I have ever read.”Like Borges, [Bartol] raises questions but o ers few answers ... and will leave you with an inexhaustible restlessness and uncertainty.Ricardo Arturo Ríos Torres, La Prensabeyond stars.”You cannot read Alamut like an ordinary book. It is an adventure story from 1938 which transforms itself... into a nightmare novel of the new century.Olivier Maison, Journal de la CultureAlamut is... a  nely wrought, undiscovered minor masterpiecethat o ers... a wealth of meticulously planned and executed detail and broad potential for symbolic, intertextual and philosophical interpretation. Michael Biggins“ ere are certain novels, such as George Orwell’s 1984 or Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, which merges philosophy, religion, social commentary, and parable in fairytale-like narrative.  is is the case with Alamut by Vladimir Bartol.”“ e most enlightening book I ever read in my youth, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase it as a gift from a friend. Put simply, this story changes not just the way you perceive the characters, but forces you to reexamine your existence in an easily digestible way.”“For me, this was a story I couldn’t stop thinking about, and was faintly sad when it ended. I only wish there were more people to discuss it with, as it remains fairly obscure in the U.S. and on the Internet, in general.”“I loved the book. It kept me glued with its story telling. A lot of times it actually saddened me.  e horrors and inhuman an individual can do/ be. I  nally understood the main character but can not decide who really is worst o .”Most interesting work of literature A work of literature is not intended to convey facts, but to provide readers with the complexity and ambiguity of life itself, and with the means of discovering deeper truths about ourselves. Alamut does all of this.“I love this book

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