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Little Sleepy Star
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Little Sleepy Star

Avtor: | | Založnik: Sanje

Prevod: Ksenija Malia Leban

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Suddenly, it all becomes clear. This is why everything on Earth is upside down. This must be the reason why the children weep because they cannot sleep, why the sailors cannot find their way and why the poet is searching for a rhyme to the word friend in vain. A star was missing in the sky.


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Datum izdaje: 20. 11. 2009

Hardcover: 48 pages

Translated by Ksenija Leban

Product dimensions: 277 mm x 204 mm


Starting out as a hugely successful radio play in 1952 (still one of the most popular children’s audiobooks), continuing as a puppet show (translated into several languages and staged throughout then Yugoslavia, in Russia, Poland, Germany, the Czech republic, Switzerland, Italy, even Chile and Canada), the legendary Little Sleepy Star finally appeared in book form in 1993, with illustrations by Gorazd Vahen. When night falls, the stars go to work, showing the way to travellers, inspiring poets… Except for the Little Sleepy Star who is always late. But the absence of a star in the sky causes strange things to happen on Earth… In order to punish her and teach her responsibility, Uncle Moon sends her to Earth. Before she can return to the sky, she will have to experience the difficulties of life down here, learn that nothing is to be had without money and teach a terrible brigand with a stone instead of a heart to spell the word “dear” so he can write to his mother. As all good fairy tales do, Little Sleepy Star gives direct but unintrusive lessons on values such as responsibility, love and acceptance. The poetry and warm humour suffusing the text have bewitched generations of Slovenian children for over half of a century.

Frane Milčinski - Ježek (1914-88), actor, director, author of screen and radio plays (co-screenwriter of Kekec, which received the Golden Lion in the Children’s Film category at the Venice Film Festival in 1952), singer, poet and writer, was one of the most prominent media personalities in Slovenia and without a doubt Slovenia’s greatest humorist and satirist. He received numerous awards for his work, including the Prešeren award (the most prestigious Slovenian award for the arts) for lifetime achievements in 1975. In spite of Ježek’s great popularity, his work has become widely available only in the last ten years, with the release of CDs, audiobooks and books of his short stories, poems and children’s stories by Sanje.

Gorazd Vahen graduated in design from Ljubljana Academy of Arts. His illustrations appear in picture books, textbooks and on book covers. His credentials include a series of works by Terry Pratchett and several picture books based on texts by the distinguished Slovenian author of works for children, Svetlana Makarovič. He also designs puppets for the theatre.




Moj literarni otrok Zvezdica Zaspanka je naredil to, kar naredi toliko in toliko otrok, ko malo dorastejo: ušla mi je z doma. Igrali so jo po vseh jugoslovanskih lutkovnih gledališčih, pa še v Rusiji, kjer je bila objavljena tudi v almanahu najboljših lutkovnih iger, potem na Poljskem, v Nemčiji, na Češkem, v Švici, v Trstu, pa v Čilu in Kanadi. Upam, da ta moja Zaspanka na poti po širnem svetu daje otrokom, kamor že pride, dovolj veselja, saj imam vse otroke tega sveta rad, kot bi bili moji.

Avtor: Frane Milčinski - Ježek, Gorazd Vahen
Urednik: Rok Zavrtanik, Tjaša Koprivec Vuga
Soustvarjalci: Oblikovanje naslovnice: Eda Pavletič
Sooblikovanje naslovnice: Jerneja Rodica
Sooblikovanje naslovnice in prelom: Maja čuk
Prevod: Ksenija Leban
Založba: Sanje
ISBN: 9789616767422
Jezik: angleški
Datum izida: 20. nov. 2009