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The Alps
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The Alps

A Bird's-eye View

Avtor: | Založnik: Pan Alp

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Whilst the majority of the book is devoted to stunning photography, there is a significant contribution in text with chapters including the Alps as the birds see them; the myth about avalanches; landscapes of wine; geology; glacier changes; climate and expected changes; water, forests, flora & fauna; protected areas; landscape; population; and, tourism. The contributing authors are all specialists in their field and have been brought together to showcase the Alpine region in a complete work of photography and text.
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Obseg: 512 strani
Format: 285 x 381 mm


The Alps: A Bird's-Eye View is a major project with completely new aerial photographs of the entire Alpine chain and up to date texts from experts in the world of geology; climate change; geography; Alpine tourism; natural environment; and, more. This is physically a big hardback book - 512 pages, 28cm wide, 37.5cm tall and weighing 4.95 kilos. The book has been compiled under the patronage of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and includes a foreword by the Director-General of UNESCO, and introductions by Sir Chris Bonington and the Alpine Convention. The Alps are a single geographical and geological entity, yet they also constitute a culturally and climatically very diverse region. Besides the Mediterranean region, the Alps are the second largest ecosystem in Europe. The Alpine region today is home to 8 million people who speak eight major languages with many dialects and who are divided into eight nations. "The Alps: A Bird's-Eye View" is a stunning collection of new aerial photographs with 250 colour images (of which 200 are double spread) showing the Alpine region as it has never been seen before in one collection.From the air, professional photographer, mountaineer and pilot, Matevz Lenarcic has captured the diversity of the 1200 km between Monaco and Vienna. He reveals the variety of the region, including the contrasting Verdon gorges in France; the Mont Blanc glaciers; and, the granite walls of Bregaglia, the baroque ridges of the Dolomites and the light coloured limestone faces of the Julian Alps.

Avtor: Matevž Lenarčič
Soustvarjalci: Janez Bizjak, idr.
Založba: Pan Alp
ISBN: 9789616111195
Jezik: angleški